Does spain have clear water beaches?

Spanish beaches come in all shapes and sizes, from secluded coves surrounded by pine-covered cliffs to wide, crowded spaces with plenty of restaurants and resorts. Some are tropical beaches, lined with trees on fine white sand that lead to crystal clear blue waters.

Does spain have clear water beaches?

Spanish beaches come in all shapes and sizes, from secluded coves surrounded by pine-covered cliffs to wide, crowded spaces with plenty of restaurants and resorts. Some are tropical beaches, lined with trees on fine white sand that lead to crystal clear blue waters. Surrounded by a long promenade filled with shops and popular restaurants and bars, this 800-meter-long beach is a favorite of many of the locals in the area. As such, you can find a wide variety of people who enjoy socializing and spending time with friends and family.

With a beautiful natural backdrop of the Garraf Natural Park and mansions that line the promenade, Sitges is a liberal city famous for its coast, its sun lovers and its gay friendly atmosphere, which includes bars, nightclubs and, of course, beaches. The most famous of these is Platja de la Bassa Rodona, a 285-metre stretch of soft sand and calm waters where the atmosphere is surprisingly relaxed. Elsewhere, Platja de la Fragata is a lively and family-friendly beach overlooking the charming church of Sant Bartomeu. Close to the city, Platja de la Ribera is one of the most popular beaches and is the place to go people watching on the sand.

Surrounded by green mountains, this small beach in the Basque Country offers views of beautiful islands and white boats that rock on the gentle waves. La Concha Beach is part of a charming city that is full of elegant Belle Epoque architecture and is almost full of excellent dining options. The beach itself is hidden in a protected bay and is sometimes even referred to as the most beautiful urban beach in Europe. Protected by the mountainous countryside, La Concha has an enormous length of 1350 meters and, as it is affected by the tides, there is more than enough space for everyone to enjoy its beauty.

Tossa De Mar is a small special town on the Costa Brava with a large number of beaches to choose from. Protected by a large bay, Playa Gran's wide, family-friendly, horseshoe-shaped beach has soft golden sands and deep blue waters that are a favorite of swimmers. But the most special thing about this elegant beach are the 14th century fortifications that sit on rocky headlands overlooking the bay. They are amazingly illuminated at night.

For a different atmosphere, Platja d'es Codolar is a small beach with a bar located in a cove at the foot of imposing cliffs. Sophisticated and elegant, Maspalomas beach, in the southern part of Gran Canaria, is all about its sand. Maspalomas, a huge 6-kilometer stretch of golden sand that is about 100 meters wide at some points, is surrounded by a desert landscape of huge sand dunes that will make it look like you are sunbathing in the Saharawi desert rather than along a Spanish coast. Located on the Balearic island of Mallorca, Cala Agulla is one of the best beaches in Spain in September with intact golden sand, lush green trees and mountains as a backdrop.

At 500 meters in length, it is the largest point on the eastern tip of the island and is a perfect place to enjoy the tropical climate along with many water sports. Playa de Silencio, or “La playa del silencio”, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Adorned by silver sand and natural rock formations, its incredible coastline has been declared a monument and is therefore completely untouched. Due to this rocky terrain, this beach is not too good for a dip, but you can enjoy a walk along its impeccable sand or enjoy the sunny weather amidst a serene setting.

Have you ever heard of a beach without a sea? Yes, Gulpiyuri Beach is one of those beaches that exists without the sea. It is one of the best beaches in Spain, which will attract the nature lover inside you to find a reason behind the formation of such a beach. Well, it basically consists of a series of underground tunnels that connect with the natural sink of the Bay of Biscay. Titled as one of the best urban beaches in Europe, Playa de las Canteras is one of the most popular beach destinations in southern Spain.

Located in the center of the city, this beach is known for its natural benefits and its dazzling golden sand. It is also a perfect place for diving and snorkeling due to the presence of a lava reef that protects its sand and aquatic life from the colossal waves of the sea. Are you planning a beach holiday? Then don't forget to include Cala Comte beach in your itinerary. With a stunning backdrop with rocky cliffs and sand dunes, this golden sand beach is one of the best beaches in Spain in October.

This place is always full of multicultural people who flock to this place to take in the views of a majestic sunset from its shores. If you want to test your skills in windsurfing, kayaking, paddle or other water sports, this is the place. This small island, wilder and more natural than its neighbor, Ibiza, is the point of reference for nature, crystal clear waters and the most beautiful beaches that want to spend a holiday away from the crowd. Spain has an extensive coastline of around 3,000 miles that offers a variety of beaches from north to south.

Tourists visit this beach to walk along the sand dunes and enjoy a breathtaking view of the calm waters, the bands of grass and, of course, the pristine golden sand. Those who venture on the Camino de Santiago can cross this beach and take the opportunity to bathe in its waters. Located in the bustling city of Torremolinos, Playa de la Carihuela is one of the best beaches in Spain that also offers scenes illuminated at night. Surrounded on both sides by the sea, the narrow strip of sand is filled with day-old tourists, but most people come here to spend their time splashing in the dazzling turquoise waters that surround the sand.

It is world famous for the beauty of its turquoise waters and is an ideal place for a romantic stroll at sunset or simply for a relaxing afternoon enjoying the Majorcan sun. The stunning blue of its waters and the finest sand of this beach will surprise you, the perfect place for tourists who want to spend quiet days accompanied by romantic sunsets. Although this tropical paradise doesn't have many water sports, swimming and relaxing on the sun loungers are the best things to do here. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Spain that would invite you to plan a vacation in this tropical paradise right away.

A popular holiday destination in Europe, Spain is famous for its rich culture and stunning natural landscapes; its beaches attract tourists looking to spend time relaxing in the sun during summer holidays. For example, if you want to take a dip in crystal clear waters, dip your feet in the white sand and contemplate a unique natural landscape, the Spanish coasts are for you. Watersports, Michelin-starred restaurants, the sea-swept iron sculpture by the artist Eduardo Chillida and a mountain funicular, along with a small island within walking distance, make this one of the best beaches in Spain. With some of the most charming islands such as Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Ibiza and Cabrera, Spain is home to numerous attractive beaches that adorn its extensive coastline in the north and south of the country.

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